The arts (visual, performing and literary) are a vibrant and dynamic place to build a career. The field depends on a vast range of skills - from accountants to musicians to engineers, and there is a role in the arts to suit virtually any background and area of interest.

In this directory, we have categorised roles in the arts into four types;

  • Artists are people who practice their chosen artform directly

  • Arts Professionals are formally trained specialists (e.g. curator, sound technician, art installer, theatre director)

  • Administrators are the essential workers that keep arts organisations running smoothly

  • Applied Arts regards the broader application of the arts to aesthetics, design, and consumer need (e.g. fashion, culinary arts, architecture)

The inherent creativity of the arts results in huge amounts of crossover between these roles, as well as opportunities to develop rewarding and specialised skill sets. The links below connect to directories for learning opportunities in each type of role. These directories are not intended to be prescriptive start-to-finish qualification pathways, but are rather for the purpose of investigating different skills and roles and learning in a self-directed manner.

Also, wherever you are on your learning journey we have some resources on setting up an effective learning environment and behaviours. You can find these at our Learning Resources page.


Arts Professionals


Applied Arts