Arts professionals are individuals who have honed their skills through experience and/or formal artistic or arts management training. These roles are usually team-based, incredibly varied, and offer opportunities to build up knowledge in multiple areas and art forms.

While creative practitioners focus on the creation of works, arts professionals are the essential facilitators: the technicians, lecturers, tour guides, editors, producers, sound engineers, art handlers, and curators. Without arts professionals, the arts world stops turning.

To get the ball rolling... start by doing some basic fact-finding about the roles of arts professionals in the arts world and assess where your personal interests lie.

  • Do you have a particular interest in a specific art form? (e.g. ballet, poetry, comedy) What roles exist around this art form?

  • Do you have a particular interest in a specific skill set? (e.g. technology, coordination, teaching people new skills) What art forms require this skill set?


  • Sound Engineer

  • Curator

  • Art Installer

  • Theatre Director

  • Lighting Technician

  • Editor


  • Educator

  • Arts Therapist

  • Conservator-Restorer

  • Music Producer

  • Scenic Designer

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  • Leadership

  • Networks

  • Events

  • Mentorships

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LEarning REsources

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