The field of applied arts can be considered the realm of applying artistic knowledge to the creation of final products that serve a purpose beyond artwork. This includes architecture, designing consumer goods such as cars, and even the culinary arts.

There are many skilled jobs requiring artistic flair that are not necessarily seated within the arts sector. We have collected some examples below.


Take stock of your personal and professional experience. Consider any skills or qualifications you may already have- these can be as simple as experience in customer service or working in an office.

Assess where your personal interests lie:

  • Do you have a particular interest in a specific industry? (e.g. Automotive, website design, advertising) What types of creative skills does this industry require?

  • Do you have a particular interest in a specific creative skill? (e.g. model-making, cake-decorating, digital drawing) What industries require this skill?

Next, lets have a look at some of the different fields in applied arts.

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Make it Better

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